Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hello and Welcome!

After MUCH agony and procrastination, I too have joined the blogging community.... I think?

I wanted to create this blog for my customers, the world's most talented designers!  Please bear with me as I am not a blogger by nature.  I figured this would be a fun way to keep in touch and see lots and lots of pictures!

I also want to start a series of interviews so you can all get to know my beautiful customers (can you guys feel the love yet??)

Thank you so much for giving this teeny blog your attention!


  1. Wahoooo! Congrats on the blog Claudia! :)

  2. Long life to your blog Claudia !

  3. LOL!!! Okay, so now you can follow... thanks to Paula who kinda suggested it. See what I mean??? Thank God for you guys!

  4. Way to go Claudia! So, where is Junior?